An Exhaustive List of Free tools I've curated from the net for marketers/web devs/designers/developers/entreupeneurs. Basically, if you work with or on the internet, there are tools here that will be useful to you. Keep checking once in a while, as I'll be updating as I find stuff. I share my latest finds in the newsletter.

Difficulty Key Easy – Click + Use Medium – Learning Curve
Hard – Coding Probably req.
Extreme – Hard Learning Curve

Automate Daily Tasks with Huginn – Hard

Remove Image Backgrounds Instantly – Easy 

Create Free Infographics with Piktochart – Easy

Edit Memes, Photos, Videos for Free with Kapwing – Easy

Free Design Resources (UI kit, Blog Kit) – Medium

Video to Gif Converter + other video tools – Easy

Free Stock Photos – (Splitshire) -Easy

View your search engine the SEO way – BrowSeo

Unlimited Content Ideas for any topic – Answer the Public – Easy

Free Keyword Research Tool – SurferSeo – Easy

Test Your Javascript on your Browser – JSFiddle – Medium

Free Copywriting Samples for “Swiping” – – Easy

Copy Readability Editor – It evaluates your copy! – Easy

Expert Copywriter – Gary Halbert Archives – Easy

44 Copywriting Formulas for Content Marketing – Easy

Open Source Chatbot Developer Tool – Hard

Workflow Automation Tool – – Medium

Free Drag n’ Drop App Creator – – Free

Workflow Automation Tool – Parabola – Easy

Cakechat – Emotional Dialogue for chatbot – Hard

Build a URL Shortener Tool with Google Apps Script – Medium

Make a Game with gifs for your audience – Giphy Arcade – Easy

Turn your PDF’s into a cool Magazine Flipbook – Easy

Make a Game with gifs for your audience – Giphy Arcade – Easy

Learn the Art of Storytelling from Pixar – Easy

Create a Temporary Website to share files – Easy

Create Digital Hangouts for fans with Kosmi – Easy

Open Source Note Taker – like Evernote – Easy

Make Your Own App with Adalo – Easy

Make Crazy AI Generated Images with Artbreeder – Easy

Open Source Illustrations for Anything – Undraw – Easy

Visualize Your Website Connections – Easy

Free Open Source Icons – FeatherIcons – Easy

Marketing Examples for Research – Easy

Track New Posts from Youtube, Blogs, and More – Easy

Take Donations and sell digital products – Easy

Create your own email signature for free – Easy

Unsplash – Great Stock Photos for Free – Easy

Make a Free Landing Page that looks good – – Easy

Free Email Marketing Tool – SendFox – Easy

Track Your Emails and see if they get read – Easy

See what Software a website is using with Wappalyzer – Easy