Hi! You’ve clicked on this because you want to learn more about The Land of Random.

Heck, maybe about me too?

Well, here we are.

I’m a Social Media Marketer by trade but I’m honestly a bit of a “Jack of All Trades.” I dabble in a lot of different disciplines and I love creating stuff! I’m one of those content mavens that Seth Godin told you about in that free book that went viral.

The Land of Random is my way of sharing all of the stuff I find, and the tools that I create!

The Land of Random is a place to discover new stuff from the internet. It’s kind of like that time at the park where you went off the trail into the woods and found that abandoned barn.

We’re so used to living in Social Media Bubbles that we miss out on the many gifts of the Internet.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, developer, Social Media Marketer, or you just like random stuff, this is the place for you.

You’ll learn stuff AND have fun! Basically, I just want to make every Monday morning a good morning. Rather than stare bleakly at that second cup of nasty coffee, I want you to be able to enjoy your morning.

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