There’s urban myths, urban legends, and then there’s the incredible – like Banksy lurking around making awesome art or the guys who left flowers at Edgar Allen Poe’s grave.

Well, have you heard of the mystery soda machine?

This interesting urban legend caught my eye. There is (was?) an old-timey soda machine in Capitol Hill, Seattle that dispensed old soda (hopefully not expired) for 75 cents a can. Noone knows who fills it, and the soda is the kind of stuff that hasn’t been seen in decades. It’s been missing for over a year now. Who knows when it will return?

This is a great video I found about the machine. Worth the Watch!

This is most likely the work of some eccentric individual, but more brands should pull crazy stunts like this. Coca-Cola is always doing fun things around the world with their machines. Why can’t other brands do the same thing?

For example, what if Mcdonalds had a mystery storefront that dispensed old school style burgers and fries? It would certainly drum up a lot of press! People always love the mysterious, and it always earns lots of free awareness.

Sadly, the Mystery Soda Machine account has been quiet since 2019. I attached this post because it shows an image of the machine.

Read more about the Seattle Mystery Soda Machine here.

Mystery Soda Machine