Minecraft has achieved evergreen status in gaming culture. Yeah – it’s years old and the graphics are blocky, but it’s still going strong! I believe it’s because Minecraft lets you craft your own world and story.

What if companies started creating their own Minecraft servers to attract attention? A Coke sponsored server where just showing up for a hour gets you a free coke? 🤔 Could be pretty interesting . . .

Anyway, I’ve been seeing Tiktoks about some kind of server where the whole earth is being recreated in Minecraft!

They used Google Earth and other data resources to create the world in blocky image.

“The terra 1-to-1 mod takes the information from Google Maps and other geographical data archives and compiles it to create the 1:1 scale of the Earth in Minecraft terrain generation,” Minecrafter PippenFTS, who is working on the project, said in YouTube video. “Elevation data, tree cover data, roads, even climate data and soil suborder data, to make the planet Earth map as accurate to the real thing as possible.” Source

It’s a very ambitious project, and there’s thousands of people involved. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if people studied this project as an experiment in crowdsourcing. Here’s the project launch video.

The Earth In Minecraft Launch Video

Trying to move 1000’s of people to be focused and precise direction requires a lot of organization. Heck, you have to fill out an application to take part.

What will happen? Will it be a successful experiment in crowdsourcing?

Read more about the project at the link!