There may be a new competitor to Starbucks on the block, and it takes its inspiration from the Chinese chain Luckin Coffee. It has a simple goal – to beat Starbucks at speed.

“Bandit’s pitch: cheaper and faster than Starbucks and the other big chains. All customers place their order on Bandit’s mobile app. “Bandit is coffee at the push of a button,” Crowley tells Yahoo Finance. “It’s ready in hopefully less than a minute.”” (Source)

Bandit is seeking to remove the friction that Starbucks and many other coffee chains have by going the “Tech First” Route.

I’ll let the emoji laden explanation from their site say it for me.

“☕ 🥤 drinks on-demand

🏃‍♀️ 🏃 no lines or waiting around

❌ 💵 cashless

🚀 🔮 coffee shop of the future

📲 📳 all via mobile app”

There are no lines – and Bandit is leading with an emphasis on speed. Yahoo Finance put them to the test.

When we placed the order, we started a stopwatch. When the order is sent to the baristas, the app generates a ticket number. The cold brew was ready in exactly one minute, while the latte took an additional 40 seconds. Both drinks were ready for pick up in under two minutes. (Source)

That’s a whole lot faster than Starbucks, or many of my other Coffee haunts. My struggle with them is twofold, long lines and a long wait for my coffee. I hate mindlessly staring at my phone while I wait five minutes for a cup of coffee. I would betray my favorite haunts in a minute if I could find something faster and more convenient. That’s the angle Bandit is going for.

For now Bandit only has one location, but its pop up business model may change that quite quickly. People always flock to what is most convenient – and if Bandit can beat other shops at this game – they just might win.

Especially if they can build shops quickly.

Crowley says Bandit can multiply with similar speed. Its locations are like a coffee-shop-in-a-box: each one has a small footprint (11 feet by 11 feet) and costs just $45,000 to $60,000 to build out and open. (Source)

That’s pretty incredible if you ask me. If Max Crowley (visionary owner of Bandit) can scale this, he just might give Starbucks a run for its money – and I hope he does! 😃

Edit: At the moment Bandit locations are closed due to COVID-19

Check out their site at the link!