Have you ever been desperate for battery power? So desperate you’d use a random charging cable you found lying at a table – or one of those cables at the mall?

Well, believe it or not, there are ways to install viruses (or do other things) in a charging cable. You plug your phone into the charging cable, and the program (or hacker) is off to the races with your personal phone!

Don’t use random charging cables “you don’t know” – ever.

Hak5 is currently selling a kit so you can learn how to build your own malicious charging cables – for educational purposes. It’s always fun to learn new skills – and the study of ethical hacking is fascinating!

You could also use it as a business opportunity. Learn a few skills like this, create an educational ebook about cybersecurity, and sell it on Amazon.

“Don’t trust random phone chargers . . . and other Cybersecurity information you should know.”

There ya go! An ebook title in progress. 😁

Check it out in the video!

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