Ready to help with one really cool crowdsourcing project?

There’s a project called Colornames that’s attempting to name every color in the RGB Spectrum.

All 16,777,216 of them

Yeah! It’s pretty wild.

Crowdsourcing projects are always pretty awesome – and this one has a democratic functionality. Say there’s multiple names for a color. As long as it’s not offensive, whichever color has the most upvotes is the winner.

Heck – I named a color.

#FF7BD1 is now “VaporwaveAesthetic” 😀

Yeah. I’m a tad obsessed with Vaporwave.

If you’re looking for post ideas for social media – or an opportunity to name a color for your brand – I definitely recommend checking this out.

Think about it! You could name a color for your brand and encourage your followers to use it for a post. There’s plenty of colors to go around. 14 Million more of them!

If the project gets pretty popular, things become democratic. People up and downvote color names to pick winning names – kind of like Imgur or Reddit.

Check out this awesome project at the link!