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👋Yo! Read Me First

This is like free pizza at work. You don’t walk by.

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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Ruin Your Ad Data

There’s a brand new way to confuse the Surveillance Tech gods (Looking at you Facebook, Google, Amazon, Netflix) and it…

☕ The Rise of Bandit

The rise of Bandit – a Starbucks Competitor. Will it rise to the challenge?

🌎 The Earth – In Minecraft

There’s a grand mission to recreate the Earth in Minecraft. It’s bold, and pretty amazing!

The Mystery Soda Machine

A short tale of the Mystery Soda Machine! Lost to History? Or WIll it Return?

Hack Your Phone with a Charging Cable – Seriously

Want to hack your own charging cable? I’ve got the perfect thing for you.

Let the Robots Write For You

Don’t write stuff anymore. Get AI to write for you!

Aesthetic Graphic Design Tools

Want to design your own Aesthetic and Retro art? Spice up your brand? Check out these awesome tools!

🎨 Help Name ALL The Colors!

Want to help name all the colors? I’ve found a pretty neat project you should check out.

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